Rev. Dn. Philip Mathew

Cleric Order:
Apodyaqno - Subdeacon
329 County Center Road
White Plains, New York
(914) 261 2457
Rev. Dn. Philip Mathew


Dn. Philip is the first of two sons born to the late Mr. Boby Mathew (+1996) and Mrs. Rachel Grace Mathew. He was raised by parents and family marked by their love for and faith in Jesus Christ. Although baptized in the Mar Thoma Church, St. Mary’s, the home parish of his mother and her family, became a spiritual home for him, and was where he would worship for most of his life.

Even as a young child, Dn. Philip felt a call to service, but in what capacity he was to serve he did not know. Throughout his early schooling and into college, he desired to serve the sick as a physician. While studying at the University at Albany (SUNY), however, the true nature of his calling became clearer. He immediately changed course, and pursued the study of religion and philosophy, hoping one day to teach. During this time, his nearly ten year long private study and engagement with the truth of the gospel brought him into the bosom of the Orthodox Church. On Sunday, 14 March 2004, he and his brother were anointed with Holy Chrism and partook of the Holy Eucharist for the first time at the hands of the Rev. Fr. A.K. Cherian. Soon thereafter, Dn. Philip entered St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, to undertake graduate studies in theology as part of his scholarly training. During his time in seminary, however, he felt he was also being called to serve God’s people more directly. So it was that on Wednesday, 14 March 2007, he knelt at the same altar before which he was received into the Church of Christ exactly three years earlier, and was ordained as a subdeacon by H.G. Mathews Mar Barnabas, former Metropolitan of America.

Dn. Philip feels privileged to serve as a deacon in the parish which has given him so much. In addition, he enjoys the various aspects of youth ministry with which he is active in the local area and around the Diocese. From its inception, he has also worked for the development of Holy Cross Mission, a mission parish of the Northeast American Diocese serving our young people and other earnest seekers of Christ in the heart of New York City. Aware of the need for faithful and accurate translations of our liturgical services, and having studied the Syriac language while in seminary, Dn. Philip works with an international and multi-talented Church committee charged with the production and revision of English translations of our Syriac liturgical texts. He also leads conferences and seminars throughout the Diocese, as well as speaking in a variety of Orthodox and non-Orthodox settings, most recently being interviewed by the Rev. Fr. Chris Metropulos on the history and traditions of the Malankara Orthodox Church for the national Orthodox internet radio program “Come Receive the Light”. Finally, he is honored to serve St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, from which he earned his Master of Divinity degree cum laude, as its Director of Admissions and Alumni Relations, advancing the mission and ministry of the seminary as well as aiding in the selection and training of the future leaders of the Orthodox Church in this country and around the world.