Family & Youth Conference

Family & Youth Conference By the Grace of God, the Family and Youth Conference of the Northeast American Diocese, has been flourishing year after year under the eminent leadership of our Diocesan Metropolitan, His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos.

The Family & Youth Conference is organized to promote the spiritual, cultural, and social development of the members of the American Diocese. The presence of our Metropolitans, Priests, and Deacons from our diocese, is a great blessing to the conference. For those who need counseling, we have our own certified Pastoral Counselors on the conference site. The prayers, sermons, devotional addresses, bible studies, retreats, holy confession, etc., contribute to the spiritual enrichment of the participants. There are various sessions that help provide a great opportunity for meditation and contemplation. The melodious choir (youth & adult) help add a heavenly environment in which the participants of the conference learn to cherish and love.

Concurrent sessions are conducted for adults, youth, children and toddlers. There will be seminars and meetings of Clergy Association, St. Thomas Men's Association, Marth Mariam Samajam (Women's forum), Sunday School, MGOCSM & FOCUS. Group discussions as well as question & answer sessions are an interesting feature of the conferences as well.

The entertainment and talent night gives the opportunity for all the parishes to present their God given talents, for all the participants to enjoy. There are also sports competitions which are conducted for all age groups.

The Family & Youth Conference of the American Diocese is indeed an event where all people cherish and enjoy. It is a time to reflect on God's Word, a time to hear distinguished scholars and speakers of the Orthodox Christian Church today, it is a time to see our brothers and sisters from various parts of the Diocese and lastly it is truly a conference, in which all participants receive a sense of spiritual renewal, and take it back with them to their parishes to spread, only to anxiously await for the next Family & Youth Conference.

Past Conferences