MGOCSM Summer Conferences 2019

Blessings to our Vicars, Assistant Vicars, and faithful of the Northeast American Diocese, especially our MGOCSM members,

Dearly beloved,

As the summer begins, we wish to share with our clergy and faithful, the summer conferences that are being coordinated by the MGOCSM of our Diocese.

Attached to this memo, we have provided information, and flyers on the upcoming MGOCSM summer conferences in the different areas of our Diocese. We direct our clergy to be present, and offer their support by encouraging our youth to register for these conferences. We request the parents, and FOCUS members to also offer encouragement to our MGOCSM members to actively participate in these conferences.

We offer our gratitude to our Vice President, Reverend Father Anoop Thomas, MGOCSM General Secretary, Ms. Lisa Rajan, all the spiritual advisors and MGOCSM Council members who are actively catering to the spiritual needs of our youth.

Let us continue work together to strengthen the spiritual lives of our young people throughout the Diocese.

May the blessings and mercies of God Almighty be showered upon us.

Yours in our Lord,

Zachariah Nicholovos, Metropolitan


MGOCSM of the Northeast American Diocese – Summer Conference Schedule 2019

  • MGOCSM of Toronto - Kanesh

View Flyer

  • MGOCSM of Philadelphia &Washington D.C/Maryland/Virginia - Hadootho

View Flyer

  • MGOCSM of Northern NY/Boston/Connecticut & Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island - Martura

View Flyer

  • MGOCSM of New Jersey/Staten Island - Lahmo

View Flyer

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