2011 MGOCSM of North America Missons Trip

For the past 6 years, the youth of MGOCSM of North America, have traveled across the United States and India for mission work. This year, a group of youth went to New Orleans, Louisiana to participate in the Global Outreach program. Global Outreach believes that MISSIONS is in the heart of God. They have helped various churches, schools and universities, families, teams and individuals to impact the world for Christ; the MGOCSM of North America being one of them.

This trip that went from June 19th through June 24th opened the eyes of the youth to the mission work, that our churches have conducted and saw the need for missions, in our community here, in America.  Five days of missions work not only changed a lot of the community they volunteered with, but it surely left a mark in the hearts of many people. This was a real world learning experience for our youth to understand the meaning of giving back to others. This domestic trip in the U.S. was surely a great success, with only positive feedback from the participants.

The 13 participants, came back home with a new point of view.  They helped with the housing in the same area that was affected by Hurricane Katrina, and this brought them closer to those hearts of those which were impacted by this tragedy.  

An inspirational trip could be from visiting historical locations, to helping the brothers and sisters in need, but clearly this would have had the greatest impact, because it isn’t about the materialistic things in life, it is about relationships with others, bridging the gap in the community, and changing our interests in fulfilling how God has wanted us to live the life he has blessed us with.

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