Memo from the Diocesan Metropolitan

Blessings to the Very Reverend Chor Episcopoi, Reverend Fathers, Reverend Deacons, and faithful of the Northeast American Diocese.

Dearly beloved,

We are in great sorrow, as many innocent Christian lives are being slaughtered by the hands of our fellow brothers and sisters in Egypt. Yesterday evening, we were invited by our brother in Christ, His Grace, Bishop David, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of North America, to a prayer service at a filled St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

It was saddening to our heart to see the pain of clergy and faithful of our sister Church. The persecution of innocent Coptic Orthodox Christians has been responded to by the Coptic Church, but it seems their cry for peace and justice has not been heard by the government there, or the government of our great nation.

Dearly beloved, when the cries of our brothers and sisters of the same Orthodox Christian Faith go unheard, we must stand with them, and cry out until our voices are heard.

We direct all our Vicars and Assistant Vicars, and all clergy to forward the following link to the faithful and those in their sphere of influence. The link below is a petition to the President of the United States of America, that demands justice for the killings in Egypt.

We are our brothers' keeper. Let us not stand silent while innocent blood of our Coptic Christians are shed. We the children of St. Thomas, the Disciple of Christ, must boldly follow that great Apostle's example and stand for truth.

Please sign the link below, because we as Christians cannot stand to see another innocent life lost, over his or her faith in Jesus Christ:

May the prayers of the Martyrs preserve our Church, our Diocese, our parishes, and our families.

Yours in our Lord,
Zachariah Nicholovos, Metropolitan

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