MGOCSM of North America leads in '24 Hour Unceasing Day of Prayer'

The MGOCSM of North America is hoping to encourage the youth to commune with the Lord by planning a Day of Prayer. We will have prayer groups (MGOCSM units, areas, or regions) who sign-up to pray at different times of the day so that, collectively, we have one complete 24-hour day of unceasing prayer. By doing so, we pray and hope that the youth will be able to witness the power of prayer.

This event is planned to take place from Sunday, August 4th beginning at 6PM and continuing until Monday, August 5th 6PM (Central Standard Time).

Respective MGOCSM Area Council members throughout the continent will be coordiinating these efforts, under the leadership of Rev. Dn. Daniel Mathai (MGOCSM of North America General Secretary), Rev. Fr. Joel Mathew (MGOCSM South-West American Diocesan Secretary), Ms. Sangeetha Thomas (MGOCSM South-West American Diocesan Joint-Secretary), Mr. Manoj Varghese, (MGOCSM Northeast American Diocesan Secretary), Ms. Alexis Mathew (Philadelphia MGOCSM Council Representative), and Ms. Susan Zacharia (Chicago MGOCSM Council Representative).

There is also an opportunity for prayer requests to be sent in to be so they could be prayed for throughout the day here:

With this ministerial initiative, we are hoping to encourage the youth to commune with the Lord and see that the foundation of each ministry and each life must be prayer.

We humbly thank you for the heart and soul you pour out for the Church especially for the MGOCSM members. May God continue to bless and guide you in your ministry. We request that you please keep this project and the ministry of MGOCSM of North America in your humble prayers.

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