Our Metropolitan Participates in Consultation on the Holy Land

His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Metropolitan will represent the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church at a consultation on the current situation in Israel and Palestine in Washington D. C.

The purpose of the consultation, is to bring global, regional and US religious leaders, grassroots activists, and civil society actors together to enhance the churches’ knowledge of the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The consultation from September 12 -14, 2016, also hopes to enhance ecumenical relationships that will lead to more effective US advocacy for justice there.

For decades the Holy Land, the land of redemption and universal reconciliation, has been a land of war, oppression, injustice and death. All the world’s Christians trace their faith’s roots to the Holy Land: it is the spiritual homeland for all Christians in the world.

Therefore, Christians everywhere are called to prayer and action for healing in the Holy Land. They are called to act for justice and peace in the Holy Land. Peace with justice requires ending the long conflict, occupation, injustice and all acts of violence and terrorism and bringing back the land we call Holy to wholeness, peace, redemption and reconciliation for all of its inhabitants.

Through these consultations, the World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches hopes to urge the US administration, Congress, politicians and public figures to adopt balanced and just positions that would pave the way for, and meaningfully accompany the necessary steps toward, a just and enduring solution to the conflict and a lasting peace.

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