New Diocesan Center's Open House

After many years, the dream of having a sufficient and spacious Diocesan Center & Metropolitans' Residence has become a reality.  On Saturday, September 4, 2010 the Metropolitans invite all faithful people and well wishers of the Northeast American Diocese to 'come and see' the wonderful gift God has bestowed upon our Diocese.  The invitation Kalpana can be read here.

Rev. Fr. John Thomas, the Diocesan Secretary, reminds well wishers that the Open House, will be an opportunity for our Diocese to celebrate the birthdays of both our Metropolitans as well.  Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and other refreshments will be served throughout the Open House.  September 4th's event is an invitation for all of us to be apart of this great accomplishment of our Diocese. 

Festivities will begin at 8:30AM with prayer and end at 6PM with evening prayer.

For more information on this project please click here.  For some pictures of the new Aramana please click here.

Click Here for the Flyer.

See you on September 4, 2010!

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