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Domestic & Sexual Violence Speaker Series

St. Luke Orthodox Mission Church is proud to present a speaker series on topics that happen far too often but aren’t talked about enough: domestic and sexual violence. Let’s start having the tough conversations as a Church community! Join St. Luke for a virtual 3-part series focusing onDomestic & Sexual Violence in Our Communities: What We Know & How to Break the Cycle, led by Community Advocate, Ms. Bincy Jacob*.

Session 1: Domestic Violence:Friday, September 11 at 9PM ET

Session 2: Sexual Abuse & Molestation: Friday, September 18 at 9PM ET

Session 3: Sexual Violence & Harassment: Friday, September 25 at 9PM ET

There will be a Q&A following each session. Questions can be submitted live during the session via the chat feature or submitted prior to the sessions (anonymously) here.

All sessions will be live-streamed on Facebook. Like and follow St. Luke Orthodox Mission Church to be notified when we go live:

* Ms. Bincy Jacob started her work in the field of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in 2002, serving as a counselor located in an NYPD precinct that had 10,000+ domestic incident reports each year. From there, she has held numerous positions including consulting and training Child Protective Service workers, leading training and education for a large battered women's shelter and support agency, shaping policy for county and state government, doing bilingual (Malayalam-English) organizing work with human trafficking survivors, and as executive director of two organizations - API Chaya in Seattle & Daya in Houston, both serving South Asian and API survivors of violence.

Her areas of passion include responding to violence from a faith-based perspective and community organizing as a response to violence including training and teaching clergy, lay leadership, and members at over 50+ places of worship in 4 states, being a founding member of a monthly faith-based roundtable, and continuing to serve survivors and families through individual support and connection to local resources. Bincy lives with her husband and four children in Houston, Texas.

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