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Holy Week 2024 at Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center

This year's Holy Week services at our Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center, will be led by our Diocesan Metropolitan, His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, along with the esteemed presence of Very Reverend Dr. M. P. George Chor Episcopos, Professor Emeritus at the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam, and all of the Deacons and Seminarians of our Diocese.  Our beloved M. P. George Achen, will lead meditations on the rich hymnography of the West Syriac Tradition throughout this sacred week.

Last year, this same unique opportunity was offered for the very first time to the faithful of our Diocese.  Participants from last year shared their immense joy and blessing to observe and celebrate the Holy Week services at our Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center.  It was an unique opportunity for both young and old to live together at our center, and to observe all the hours of prayer together in our beautiful Chapel.  It was truly life changing for our youth to immerse themselves completely in the sacred prayers of the Church.

Our faithful are encouraged to participate in these sacred services for either a day, or multiple services throughout the week. Since lodging and meals will be provided, faithful are requested to sign up here.

May our faithful make use of this unique opportunity for true retreat, reflection and transformation.   

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