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MGOCSM Missions Board announces Domestic Trip

A new Missions Board of the MGOCSM has been constituted, effective April 18th, 2022.
  • Jenny George & Ashley Mathew
Board Members
  • Marilyn Mathew
  • Carolyn Cherian
  • Robin Monachin
  • Mariam Alex
In addition to this, the Missions Board is excited to host a trip this year:
Maryland Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster - (August 6th, 2022 to August 13th, 2022)
The domestic mission trips will be organized through International Orthodox Christian Charities and will include different activities from building projects, to service opportunities.The associated cost with each MGOCSM member is $350. Please pray for the MGOCSM Missions Program. For more information, please read the Kalpana here, or contact the Missions Board.
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