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Update on the Health of our Diocesan Metropolitan

Statement from His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Metropolitan

I would like to thank you all for the prayers offered for me during my time of recuperation from COVID-19. I am humbled in the various ways people have shown their care and concern for me, especially through their prayers. This time of discomfort and sickness has given me an opportunity to truly unite with all who are suffering with this virus. We must continue to pray for them, their loved ones, and the medical professionals who care for them during this pandemic. I also extend my heartfelt prayers and condolences to all those who have passed away as a result of this illness, especially those within our own Diocese.

Although I am completely symptom free, I am still struggling with severe fatigue which is expecting according to my physicians. Nonetheless, I am slowly attempting to get back to my normal routine here at the Chancery, and my responsibilities to our Diocese.

My sincere thanks to His Holiness, and brother Metropolitans who have embraced me in their prayers, and fraternal love by consistently checking on my well being. While in quarantine Father Thomas Paul and Father Abey George courageously remained here with me refusing to leave even though I have asked them to. They have been diligent in caring for me during this time, even after they became ill. Thankfully, they are much better now, but I am grateful for both of them. Once again, I offer my gratitude for the prayers and love of my clergy and faithful of our Northeast American Diocese. God bless you for your kindness shown to me. Commending you all the care of the Risen Christ!



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